The Wright Hands Essential Oils is an essential oil-based brand offering a wide range of handcrafted household and beauty products, made with care in Los Angeles, California. Our products harness the power of natural essential oils, providing a healthier alternative to synthetic ingredients. Going natural means embracing purity and wellness, ensuring your home and beauty routine are free from harmful chemicals. Discover the benefits of essential oil-based products and experience the difference that nature makes.
Meet the Founder
"I started The Wright Hands Essential Oils during the challenging times of COVID-19 in 2020. My journey began with creating a hand sanitizer, driven by the need for effective germ protection. With my background in surgical technology, I combined my expertise in sterility with my passion for holistic living to create handmade products.

My obsession with plants and natural ingredients from the Earth is crucial for nurturing the mind, body, and soul. I wanted to share my personal blends that promote well-being, keep you germ-free, and provide a soothing, relaxed, holistic effect. From that first hand sanitizer, I expanded to offer a range of essential oil-based products for daily use in the kitchen, home, and even beauty routines. My blends are natural alternatives free from harsh chemicals, crafted to help everyone enjoy a holistic, relaxed lifestyle."

-Tina Wright, The Wright Hands